18. June 2024

S-BPM ONE 2019

S-BPM ONE 2019, Seville, Spain, June 26-28, 2019, Proceedings

Editors: Lederer, Matthias, Betz, Stefanie, Elstermann, Matthes

S-BPM ONE 2019 was the 11th conference of the established S-BPM ONE series on innovative approaches to process management. This conference had an emphasis on connecting data science with business-, technical and subject-oriented process science. Of particular interest have been challenges, solutions and trade-offs regarding business process management with special focus on subject-orientation and data semantics.

Papers can be found in the ACM Digital Library: https://dl.acm.org/doi/proceedings/10.1145/3329007

Table of Contents
Data Sharing in Dynamic IoTSystems
Fleischmann, Albert; Stary, Christian;

Subjectoriented Specification of IoT Scenarios
Venkatakumar, Harshitha; Schmidt, Werner;

Incremental Implementation of Automated Guided VehicleBased Logistics Using SBPM
Moser, Christoph; Kannengießer, Udo;

Conformance checking: A stateoftheart literature review
Dunzer,Sebastian; Stierle, Matthias; Matzner, Martin; Baier, Stephan;

Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of the Context Concepts in Context aware Business Processes
Song, Rongjia; Vanthienen, Jan; Cui, Weiping; Wang, Ying;Huang,Lei;

An extended SubjectOriented Business Process Management Execution Semantics
Wolski, André; Borgert, Stephan; Heuser, Lutz;

CoreASM based Reference Implementation for SubjectOriented Business Process Management Execution
Wolski, André; Borgert, Stephan; Heuser, Lutz;

Applying Agile Methods and Personas to SBPM
Forbrig,Peter; Dittmar, Anke;

Can you see the wood for the trees?
Lederer,Matthias; Popova, Oleksandra; Schmid, Patrick;

Modeling Complex Process Systems with SubjectOriented Means
Elstermann, Matthes; Fleischmann, Albert


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