16. July 2024

Executing Strategic Product Planning – A Subject-Oriented Analysis and New Referential Process Model for IT-Tool Support and Agile Execution of Strategic Product Planning

Partially and considering only the title, this newly available work is concerned with the organizational processes necessary to enact and facilitate Strategic Product Planning.

However, next to the derivation and presentation of a holistic, subject-oriented, referential process model for that purpose, the work is an in-depth analysis of the shortcomings of classical process description means and how they may limit considerations. Equally, the paradigm of subject-orientation is investigated and possible drawbacks and advantages analyzed.

Even if not interested in Strategic Product Planning or Innovation Management, this book can be recommended for people interested in learning and understanding the fundamental principles of Subject-Orientation as a modeling paradigm and how they compare to (and differ profoundly from) standard approaches to describing processes.

Avaiable for public download at: https://www.ksp.kit.edu/9783731509721

Original Abstract:

The origin of this research was the failed attempt or rather the impossibility of creating a working and effective information system to support the processes of Strategic Product Planning, based on existing process descriptions for that domain. This dissertation explores the origins of the according problems. As is discovered, the problems do not originate in error containing models or simple programming failures. Rather, as is explored, the origin of the encountered problems lies in fundamental principles of the employed description concepts for processes. It is examined why those ‘classical’ description concepts, in theory, may be usable to model the complex circumstances of Strategic Product Planning, yet, as can be seen in the originally referenced models, do reach certain, not-directly evident, limits rather quickly when actually em-ployed. As an alternative to classical approaches, the paradigm of Subject-Orientation is analyzed and applied to existing models in order to create a comparative study. As a result and on that basis, a new, formal and thereby digitally executable, subject-oriented, referential process model for Strategic Product Planning is developed and examined. According to the derived requirements, this new model is a superior foundation for companies or organizations to develop and implement the execution of according strategic product planning processes.

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