15. July 2024

Sustainability and Digital Sovereignty

I2PM Expert Group: Ecological, economic, and social implications of subject orientation in digital systems

The “Sustainability and Digital Sovereignty” expert group focuses on the ecological, social, and economic implications of subject-oriented design in digital systems and the design of sustainable business processes. Through the development of networks and collaborative innovation, ways are being explored of how digital systems can be designed for the benefit of all direct and indirect participants. The focus here is on identifying possible ecological, economic, and social implications and based on these design digital systems minimizing negative implications and supporting positive ones. The idea is to design in impact aware digital systems in which individuals and organizations participate autonomously. The group helps to create environments for collaborative research and development to foster synergistic innovation in digital communities and generate sustainable business processes.

Advisory Board

The expert group consists of a network of BPM experts, researchers and business practitioners.
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Betz, Furtwangen University (Sustainability@i2pm.net)


  • Identifying ecological, economic, and social implications of digital systems.
  • Designing and implementing sustainable processes.
  • Development of value networks for digital sovereignty.
  • Strengthening digital communities and autonomous interaction.
  • Promoting collaborative innovations for sustainable developments.
  • Creating a community-oriented digital culture.
  • Integration of subject-oriented approaches in digital networks.
  • Supporting creative and participative processes in digital environments.


  • Sustainabile BPM.
  • Digital sovereignty.
  • Self-governance and individual autonomy in digital communities.
  • Integration of subject-oriented approaches in digital systems.
  • Promoting a community-oriented sustainable digital culture.
  • Participative processes in digital environments.
  • Effects of subject-oriented approaches on social interactions.


The Group helps to strengthen digital communities and promote innovation opportunities in line with digital sovereignty to support sustainable digital transformation.

Get engaged

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