15. July 2024

Agile Process Management

I2PM Expert Group: Ensuring Flexibility and Human-Centered BPM Initiatives

The expert group is key to promoting flexibility and a human-centered approach in BPM initiatives. Its focus spans the entire lifecycle of business processes – from the identification and analysis of requirements to effective execution. This group develops innovative methods and tools that ensure that business requirements are at the center and that both technical and organizational aspects of software development for BPM are improved. The integration of automation, design of efficient workflows and the application of reference models are key topics to strengthen agility and human-centered approach in business process management.

Advisory Board

The expert group consists of a network of BPM experts, researchers and business practitioners.
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Matthias Lederer, Amberg-Weiden University of Applied Sciences (Agile-Process-Management @i2pm.net)


  • Identification, analysis and documentation of business requirements
  • Improvement of methods and practices in software development for BPM
    Development of strategies and techniques for the automation of business processes
  • Design and control of efficient workflows
  • Creation and use of reference models for BPM
  • Analysis, improvement and monitoring of workflows
  • Ensuring effective process execution in the business environment
  • Development of new methods and tools to increase agility and flexibility in BPM


  • Requirements management in BPM
  • Improving software development for BPM
  • Automation of business processes
  • Design and control of workflows
  • Use of reference models in BPM
  • Analysis and improvement of workflows
  • Monitoring workflows
  • Effective process execution in the business environment


Through its research and development, the expert group creates a direct impact on the flexibility, efficiency and human-centered orientation of BPM initiatives. The methods and tools developed help to integrate agile practices into the entire process landscape and strengthen the adaptability of companies.

Get engaged

Please send questions regarding content and requests for cooperation to the expert group by e-mail:
Agile-Process-Management @i2pm.net