1. December 2023


Become a Member like these people!!!!!

Joining not only the I2PM community but also I2PM e.V. (registered non-profit association) provides benefits such as

  • Discounts on registration fees for events (e.g. S-BPM ONE conference series)
  • Access to information not available for public

You can become a member as a private person (natural person) or as a corporation (legal person).

Here you can download the respective forms.

Due to legal regulation, the forms need to be printed and filled out by hand and sent as an original by postal services  (fax will not do!). The adress can be found on the forms. If you have any questions please contact us: albert@fleischmann.expert

Membership Form of I2PM for Natural Persons plus SEPA Direct Debit Mandate
English Version

Membership Form of I2PM for Natural Persons  plus SEPA Direct Debit Mandate
German Version

Membership Form for Legal Entities plus SEPA Direct Debit Mandate
Currently only available in German


Annual fees:

Natural Persons
Annual Subscription: € 60.00

Founder of a New Business
Annual Subscription: € 60.00 (first two years, then regular fee)

Annual Subscription: € 60.00 (1 year for free)

Small and Medium Business (<250 Employees)
Annual Subscription: € 300.00

Companies (>250 Employees)
Annual Subscription: € 500.00

Annual Subscription: € 300.00

Public Authorities
Annual Subscription: € 300.00