15. July 2024

Smart Interoperability Network

I2PM Expert Group: Internet of Actors

The “Smart Interoperability Network” expert group is dedicated to the development of a network for digital transformation. We develop the architecture, the communication (ISO level 7) and the necessary tools to create the most complex, distributed network applications quickly and easily on the basis of subject orientation. All elements of an application are choreographed through consistent decentralization. Particular attention is paid to compliance with standards to ensure smooth and secure communication between all actors. The group addresses challenges such as integration, scalability, fault tolerance and security in distributed systems in order to create a comprehensive basis for complex digital transformations.

Advisory Board

The expert group consists of a network of S-BPM experts, researchers and business practitioners.
Coordinator: Reinhard Gniza, actnconnect, Nuremberg (Smart-Interoperability-Network@i2pm.net)


  • Establishment of a scalable and robust interoperability network.
  • Development of effective mechanisms for the choreography of digital processes.
  • Ensuring secure and smooth real-time communication.
  • Creating standards and protocols for an interoperable environment.
  • Promotion of innovations in the field of network architecture.
  • Optimizing the collaboration and interaction of digital systems.
  • Ensuring the scalability, fault tolerance and security of distributed systems.


  • Designing and building scalable networks.
  • Choreography of digital cross-company processes.
  • Standards and protocols for secure communication.
  • Integration of innovation mechanisms in network architectures.
  • Optimizing the collaboration and interaction of digital systems.Scalability, fault tolerance and security of distributed systems.
  • Real-time communication of the smallest elements in an application.


The group is creating a fundamental basis for digital transformation by developing an interoperable network that facilitates collaboration and interaction between different digital systems and processes.

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