15. July 2024


Certified Holistic Process Manager (I2PM CHPM)

Our “I2PM Certified Holistic Process Manager” certificate program is aimed at a diverse group of professionals who are at different career stages and want to deepen or broaden their skills in Business Process Management (BPM).

  • Process Managers and Analysts: If you are already working in process management and want to take your skills to a higher level, our program will provide you with in-depth insights and practical tools to successfully tackle complex BPM challenges.
  • Management consultants: For consultants who support organizations in optimizing their business processes, our program offers a comprehensive approach that includes not only traditional methods but also agile concepts and innovative technologies.
  • Managers: Whether you are in middle management or in a leadership position, our training enables you to understand and implement process management strategies to increase the overall efficiency and competitiveness of your organization.
  • IT professionals: If you work in the field of information technology and want to drive the integration of BPM solutions, our program provides a comprehensive overview of the relevant technologies and their application in the BPM context.

Anyone looking for a comprehensive view of BPM: Regardless of your professional experience, our program offers an integrative approach to BPM, covering both the basics and the advanced aspects. It is aimed at anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of BPM and apply it in different business contexts.

Our certificate program is designed to appeal to professionals from different backgrounds and industries to create a diverse learning environment that blends different perspectives and experiences.

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The “I2PM Certified Holistic Process Manager (I2PM CHPM)” certificate program provides in-depth and practical training in all aspects of business process management. Through a structured learning journey, participants are enabled to strategically plan, effectively model, continuously optimize and successfully implement processes in organizations. The program focuses on a holistic view to understand and design processes and their effects in the context of complex organizations and societies. In contrast to pure modeling or technical certifications, the I2PM CHPM aims to provide you with a holistic and generalist approach. You will understand how BPM can be integrated into different business areas to achieve optimal results:

  • Sound fundamentals: our program aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of BPM fundamentals. You will not only learn the definition of processes, but also understand the underlying concepts of process management and optimization.
  • Strategic process management: We aim to give you the ability not to look at processes in isolation, but to align them strategically with the overall business objectives. This will enable you to design processes as key components of corporate strategy.
  • Practical application: Our focus is not only on theoretical knowledge, but also on techniques that have already been used and applied in practice. You can apply the principles you learn directly in real business scenarios.
  • Technological integration: In view of the constantly evolving technology landscape, we strive to provide you with insights into the integration of modern technologies. You will learn how to leverage technology to make your BPM initiatives more effective and efficient.