Microservices/processes without global view

A recent article in a German-speaking blog for software developers provides a provocative view of microservices and how they (apparently) remove the need for "global" architectures and therefore reduce complexity. Would the same idea apply to (subject-oriented) process models?

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  • I am just discussing this topic with Voklswagen IT. They have discovered the similarity between subjects and micro services. For latest complex software developments they prefer the micro services concept to manage the complexity also later changing and adapting it during a long live cycle. They also combine the approach with SOA.

    Steve Craggs (https://www.linkedin.com/in/steve-craggs-0254a ) wrote 2007 an interesting article "Message-driven SOA" which describes a service as a capsuled piece of software running independently from others and coordinating it self with others by messages.

    This shows me that complex processes only can be described effectively and efficient by using methodologies based on encapsulation and communication such as S-BPM.
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