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New BPM book ...

There is a new book with the interesting title "Hagenberg Business Process Modelling Method". So, there is no universal methodology, but one that works in Hagenberg (just a joke) - nevertheless, there is also a "Grazer Ansatz" developed at the TU Graz (no joke).

There is a chapter inside with the title "An Enhanced Communication Concept"; as I do not have the book yet - let's do some googling: "An Enhanced Communication Concept for Business Processes" from the same author gives some insight.

"The event pools of S-BPM [Fl12] provided inspiration for the pool concept introduced here. The pools of S-BPM are tailored for actor comfort, but are not embedded in a wider delivery concept. S-BPM provides some extra “configuration parameters” for input pools, whose most important application appears to be the enforcement of synchronous communication, which is handled differently in our more general concept."

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Field Study Book is Coming Soon ....

S-BPM in the Wild - Practical Value Creation

provides insight in the application of S-BPM in the field.

Being the first of its kind cases from operational business, consultancy, education, organizational and technical development are revealed.

Each case is specific and shows essentials with respect to modeling and/or implementing S-BPM solutions.

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