Exploratory study about S-BPM Community

In the course of a post graduate program about “Applied Knowledge Management” I have conducted an explorative, qualitative study about the Open S-BPM Community. The  aim  of  the  study  was  to  gain first information  about  the expectations,  feelings,  needs,  and  motivations  of  possible community members. Overall I interviewed 18 persons related to our community.

Afterwards I located the results within the three knowledge management methods or approaches “Communities of Practice”, “Knowledge Creation” and “Enabling Knowledge Creation” in order to infer ideas to foster knowledge creation and knowledge sharing within the S-BPM community.

An excerpt (in German) of this thesis can be found here: Exploratory_study_about_S-BPM_Community.pdf

A short paper about the study can be found in the S-BPM 2015 proceedings.

With best regards
Harald Lerchner

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