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Dear Colleagues,

in the course of an ongoing research effort, I and some colleagues have recently started to empirically examine the reasons for involvement of end-users or domain-experts in business process modeling activities in their organizations (or the lack thereof).

As a first step towards this aim, we have designed a small questionnaire aiming at people involved in or responsible for an organization’s process management activities — both, in an internal role or as an external consultant. The questionnaire takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and is available at

We would very much appreciate, if you could find the time to contribute to our study and/or forward the link to potentially interested people.

If you have any further questions regarding the study, you can reach me at

Thank you,

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Hi all,

Many of us know that "selling" the concept of process orientation is sometimes a tough business.

A recent survey of Paul Harmon suggests that BPM maturity in businesses is stagnating: "The state of BPM, as we defined it in 2005 is roughly the same today." (Source:

I am curious: Do you have a similar impression?

Best regards,


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Publishing books via I2PM

I2PM now is a publisher with its own ISBN.
The BSC Cookbook is the first book published by I2PM:It is already available on Link.
Publishing via I2PM is a very inexpensive option for I2PM members.
If you have any questions about publishing a book via I2PM, Matthias Kurz is happy to give you advice.

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Dr. Clemente Minonne from iProcess AG, Obergrundstrasse 61, CH-6300 Luzern, does research on BPM maturity Level in German-speaking countries.

He asked us to share this information and the link to a respective online questionnaire among our members. Answering takes only a few minutes.

You can find the questionnaire here. Participants can get the results if they want to.

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You want to publish news here?

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