Ueber Flow is an workflow engine and process validation tool developed at Johannes
Kepler University (JKU) Linz. It is built having a flexible use of process model notations in mind.

Ueber Flow is based on the Actor Model as introduced by Carl Hewitt, Peter Bishop, and Richard Steiger in 1973. The
Actor Model is a mathematical model of computation that treats actors as the
primitive of computation. A systems behavior is described by the actors, the
messages they can send and receive, and their local state, which can only be
modified based on a received message. All processes imported and executed in
Ueber Flow are represented using this model of computation. Ueber Flow offers
import possibilities for several process model notations/formats. At the moment,
S-BPM (exml), BPMN (bpmn), and a simple process description language based on
CSV are supported.

Detailed documentation and examples can be found in the "Downloads" Section.

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