What is Open S-BPM?

Subject-oriented business process management (S-BPM) is a new paradigm for business process management. In that paradigm processes are considered as structured communication between the parties involved in a process. Subjects are an abstract representation of the parties involved in a process. Subjects are behavior specifications. Subjects define in which sequence messages are received or sent and internal actions are executed. Subject-oriented process models must be embedded into an organizational and/or technical environment. This means subjects are assigned to actors. Actors execute the behavior defined in the assigned subject. A subject can be a human, a machine, a computer program or a mixture of all.

This paradigm has many advantages. Only a few basic types of specification elements are required: Subjects, messages, send, receive and do. Additionally the specification can be put in complete sentences with Subject, Predicate and Object, as everybody is familiar with from natural language. In other words a process is specified by articulating who does what, with what?

In order to foster spreading the idea and concept of this new BPM approach and to stimulate research on it we initiated the Open S-BPM project.

What are the objectives?

  • Change the mindset: From sequence to parallelism
  • Reality: World is a concurrent system. Due to division of work actors need to interact in order  to accomplish tasks
  • Problem: Today world is percepted as a sequence of actions.
  • Change: Make people see the world as it is – parallel
  • Create a set of methods and tools which can be combined in order to introduce agile BPM within organizations and across organizations
  • Create an infrastructure to connect different workflow systems based on different philosophies (control flow oriented and communication based systems)

What is the vision?

We have established S-BPM as a standard methodology with defined interfaces to combine various tools to enable agile Business Process Management in organisations acting in a highly concurrent world.

What is the mission?

  • The Open S-BPM project aims for establishing a research platform around Subject-oriented Business Process Management. It offers a ‘playground' and ‘tool box' for researchers, educators and practitioners to (further) develop ideas, concepts and solutions in all areas of S-BPM.
  • Adressées should become familiar with this new business process paradigm.
  • This helps to make organizations more agile.

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