Many businesses face new challenges in managing their business processes as customer demands get more specialised, innovations emerge more frequently, and business environments become more volatile. Leading market analysts proclaim that in many of today’s business processes exceptions are the rule. Effectively and swiftly reacting to these exceptions is seen as vital for competitive advantage. The notion of agile BPM is often used for describing this ability. Individual aspects of agile BPM have been addressed in a number of recent BPM workshops, conference tracks and special journal issues, devoted to related topics such as semi-structured and evolutionary business processes, adaptive case management, human-centric aspects, social software, and design thinking. However, despite the wealth of research outcomes in the separate areas there is still no unified definition or foundation for agile BPM.

This fragmentation of research in agile BPM is similar to the situation in software engineering research in the late 1990s, when a number of agile methods were developed independently that all broke with the traditional “waterfall” paradigm of software development. These methods were eventually given a unified conceptual platform with the formulation of a “manifesto for agile software development” in 2001, which defined the common values and principles underlying the different methods. The manifesto gave a considerable boost to agile software development and its adoption in practice.

Is it possible to benefit from these experiences and formulate a similar manifesto for agile BPM to unify its separate research streams? This interest group is investigating this question based on a panel session at BPM 2015 and contributions from any interested BPM researchers. To start contributing please follow the instructions to the right.

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