15. July 2024

Certification Request

Get certified now!

Obtain the “I2PM Certified Holistic Process Manager” certificate here!

The granting of the certificate consists of two components:

  • Registration & payment (this form)
  • Passing (the test)

Please make your choice:

  • Option 1: After successfully completing registration and the payment, you take one of the public/university-internal test. You will be informed about the next available dates by e-mail.
  • Option 2: If you have already successfully completed a public/university-internal test (achieved at least 66% of the points), you will receive the certificate by e-mail after registration (this form) and payment.

Certification request

Admission fee: 26.50 euros.

Important: As this is a manual process carried out by volunteers of a non-profit institute, it may take some days before you receive payment information.

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